V9 Chiming clock hidden camera

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Company Nameshenzhen keenpower electronic limited
Country/Region:Guang Dong - China
Business Nature:Manufacturer
Contact:Fiona Wusales
Last Online:22 Nov, 2017
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Product Description

Preface       This Manual detailedly show how to use this products, detail information including usage、operation. Please read and understand this carefully before using , and save this manual, we hope it can meet your requirement and be used for long time.                                            V9 Chiming clock operations One:Function introduction ◇ Time display, show current time, year, month, day. ◇ Alarm and snooze function, set alarm and snooze time interval (1-60 minutes) ◇ Voice broadcast function, announce current time. ◇ Temperature function, test current environment temperature . ◇ Natural sound listening function, Time can be set (10-60 minutes) Two:Function setting 1. Current time setting ◇ In time display mode, press “SET” into year setting, “2012”display on screen and flashing, to set through “UP” and “DOWN” keys. ◇ Repress on “SET” into month-day-hour-minute setting in proper order, corresponding figures will flashing when setting. Time mode              Year setting         Month setting             Day setting         Hour setting         Minute setting ◇ Press “MODE” key exit time setting . 2. Alarm setting ◇ In current time mode, press “MODE” into alarm setting mode, “ -:- -“ display. ◇ Firstly press“SET”to set hour, secondly minute setting, thirdly snooze time setting (1-60 minutes), fourthly alarm sound setting, set through “UP” and “DOWN” keys . Alarm mode      Alarm hour setting    Alarm minutes setting Snooze interval setting    Alarm music ◇ Press “MODE” button exit alarm setting, current time mode display. ◇In alarm mode, press “UP” button open alarm, alarm time display, repress to open snooze function, thirdly press close alarm. Alarm close         Alarm open         snooze function open ◇Press “MODE” button return to Time mode. 3. In current time mode : Press the "UP" key can be 12/24 hour conversion ; Press "DOWN" can be temperature conversion: Celsius ( ° C ) / Fahrenheit ( ° F ) 12 hours system                24 hours system Celsius degree            Degree Fahrenheit 4. time broadcast, natural sound appreciation function: ◇in current time mode, press "TALK" key, broadcast current time. ◇In any mode, press "TIME" button can be natural sound appreciate TIME Settings (10-60 minutes).       Set the natural sound appreciate time ◇in any mode, long press "TALK" key three seconds into natural sound appreciation mode, countdown from the time set before, stop when time show “00:00”. Natural sound appreciation mode      natural sound stop ◇In natural sound appreciation mode, press "TALK" key pause, repress to enjoy next natural voice. Press the "MODE" button exit natural sound appreciation MODE. Three: Products introduction    This products is a HD IR remote camera surveillance with external TF card, a multi-function high-tech products including camera, voice recording, auto-induction camera, electronic clock.This product is equipped with high capacity battery, support more than 12 hours continuous video, more than 20 hours continuous voice recording. 5 million pixels high-definition video, sound recording, multilingual electronic time broadcast, the max 32 GB TF card support long time work, and convenient remote control operation. Concealment is strong, it is the best helper of home guard against theft, evidence eyewitness . Four:Operating instruction 1. Open the right rotary cover, insert TF card, press “ON” power on. 2. Use remote control point to machine receiving part press  button, blue light, enter standby state; 3. Press  to open the infrared night vision lamp, repress close. 4. Press  enter the photos mode, blue light flash slowly one time. 5. Press  enter the video mode, automatically enter working state after blue light flash 3 times, press  to stop, blue light. 6. The motion detecting press  enter auto-induction camera function, In auto-induction camera state once object move, then enter automatic video recording. When no movement of objectives, automatic stop video. Repress  stop motion detecting function, blue light. 7. Press  enter voice recording, then enter working state after 2 times of blue light flash, press  to stop, blue light on. 8. Press  shutdown, blue light off. 9. When the machine in “ON” state, insert USB line then open remote control. The machine enter the U disk model. 10. Internet camera function: when machine in “ON” state, open  by remote control , then insert USB line connect to computer. Now the machine enter PC CAM mode. 11. Charging: when main switch is off, insert USB charger, the red light on, red light off when charge complete. Use the computer USB can also charge. 12. Reset: when machine strike because of improper operation or unknown reason, move switch to “OFF” then to “ON”. so machine can be reset. 13. when the battery is low, blue light keep flashing, at this time, machine should be immediately charging. When no power, the file will be automatically saved.     Five:HDMI Connection Connect HDMI cable with TV,and control it through the remote control。   HD Playback Press or  to select files, press to playback when connected with TV。 1.Delete Press  to enter the options,then press  to delete. Press  or  to select delete current video or all。(Notice: files in memory card)    2、Resolution Press  to enter options,then press  to select resolution,press  to setting:1080P:1920*1080(large file)1440*1080(default)    720P:1280*720 3、Date/Time Press  to enter the option,then press  to select date/time settings,and then press  to enter settings,press  or to adjust the time,press  to date option,then press or to adjust the date. Then finished settings。 4、Automatic shutdown Press  to enter options,then press  to setting,and press or  to select Close/1 Minute /3 Minute,Then press to finish settings。 5、Language Setting Press to enter options,then press to language option,and press to setting, or to select language,and press  to finish setting。(support multinational language:English/French/Spanish/German/Italian/simplified Chinese/traditional Chinese/Russian/Japanese) 6、Light Frenquency Press to enter options,then press  to select light frenquency,and press  to enter the settings, Press or  to select 50Hz(default)or 60Hz      7、Formatting      Press to enter options,select  to format options, press to format the memory card。(Recommend formatting the memorycard before taking video)      8、Default settings      Press to enter setting options,then press to select default setting button,and press to finished default settings。(At this point all previous settings are restored , including the date / time)   Six:File storage and playback Turn the switch to ON option after finishing video recording, Plug USB cable with PC,Press  on remote control,Copy or Cut the files to PC and replay. Or use card reader to read the data in TF card. Media player/KM player recommended.   Install and remove the memory card(TF Card): 1:Insert memory card into the TF slot in accordance with the direction till it is fixed. 2:To remove the memory card, gently press the it till it is pop-up and can take out. 3:If no card, there will show no card tips and prompt blue lighting。   Notice: 1:Please note that the memory card into the direction, if reverse inserted, it might damage the machine and memory card. 2:When you insert memory card, the device will set the memory card. 3:Users should backup all files when using the device. If lost, our company is not responsible for any legal liability.   (Tips:our product support 1080P video recording, so please choose high speed memory card to ensure normal recording. Due to the video file is large, there maybe about 0.7GB left in TF memory card. If the TF card space is not fully used, it belongs to normal range. Users can adjust video file size according to the demand. )            
Pixel 5 Mega CMOS   
Resolution 1920*1080(default) 1440*1080    1280*720
Video format AVI
Frames 30fps
View angle 160 Degree
Motion video recording Straight-line 6 meters
Minimum illumination 1LUX
Battery Capacity 2400MA
Loop video recording time More than 12H
Remote control valid distance 10m
Recording range 40㎡
Power consumption 150MA/3.7V
Storage Temperature -20-80 degree centigrade
Operating Temperature -10-60 degree centigrade
Operating Humidity 15-85%RH
Memory Card TF(High Speed)
Max Capacity 32GB
Player Media player/KM player
USB Interface USB2.0
Operating system 2000/XP/Vista32
Storage consumption 1GB/20 Minute
Charging time About 8 hours
    Eight:Batterycharging instruction There are 3 ways to charge the battery. Red indicator will light on when charging. The whole charging time is approximately 180 minutes. Red charging indicator turns off automatically after fully charged. 1:Use the power adapter to charge 2:Use PC-USB to charge Remark: When there’s crash due to improper operation, just remove battery or press power button to turn it on, then it can be back to normal.   Nine: Problem solution 1. Can't recording video. Please change the photos mode or video resolution or change a enough storage memory card, and check whether the memory card inserted correct. 2. No image displayed in the high definition television screen? Please make sure the television output line adapter is inserted completely , please use the HDMI line we provided. 3.Unclear photos or video files? Use soft cloth to wipe lens before use.   Small tips in operation: Similar to computer, if machine strikes, please directly press the reset button (small switch on the back of machine) to reset.            Ten:Attention Usage situation: please strictly abide by the relevant laws, shouldn’t use this products for other illegal purposes, otherwise you should be responsible for the consequence. Software upgrade: in order to make our products has better performance, we will perfect product software continuously, this product has convenience for customers to upgrade software by themselves, please ask local dealer for the latest version of the software information and upgrade method.   Working temperature: please use it in natural temperature, please don’t use it in the temperature which doesn’t fit human body.   Working humidity: please use machine in environment humidity which suit human, please don’t let it be in damp working environment, it’s not waterproof.   Shooting illumination: please use it in enough light environment , do not use camera directly to the sun super light source, in order to protect the optical element from damage.   Cleaning requirements: Don’t use it in environment with high density dust , in order to avoid lens and other parts infected with dust to affects the video effects. Lens can be wiped with mirror paper or glasses softly, keep clean. Other items: This is precise electronic products, please don’t make it encounter any impact or shake; and don’t use it in high-intensity magnetic field and high electrical field.      
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